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Know how to enable sales, canceled subscriptions, new users, and deleted users notifications

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Our automatic email notifications for successful sales, canceled subscriptions, new subscribers, and deleted users can help you stay on top of your business. These notifications are all optional, and by default, notifications are enabled, but you can toggle them on or off as you see best.

  • Successful Sales: you will get notifications for successful sales whenever bundles, live events, rentals, or one-time purchases are made.

  • Canceled Subscription: Although letting you know that a user has canceled a subscription is dreadful, we think it's a good idea to notify you when a user cancels their subscription.

  • New Subscriber: As soon as you have a new subscriber, we will let you know so we can celebrate together.

  • User Deleted: When a user deletes their account, we will sadly notify the user and you of this change.

  • Webhook failed: When a webhook fails to deliver webhook data 4 times, an email is sent.

  • New comments on the videos: When new comments are added to catalog videos, an email is sent.

To Disable or Enable Admin Notifications:

Navigate to the Profile Menu on the top right corner and click My account. Toggle the boxes on or off next to each option. Then Save those changes.

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