Create Amazon Developer Account
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Steps to set-up your Amazon Developer Account:

1: Create Developer Account

  • Click Sign-In, then click Create Amazon Developer account.

  • Enter name/email/password, then Create Amazon Developer account.

  • Verify Email- enter code, then Create your Amazon Account.

2: Enter Developer Details

-Your Name/Phone/Email

-Company Name/Address

-Customer Support Email

Sign Agreement:

-Check to Agree, then Submit.

3: Set-Up Payment (Settings)

Payment Information:

-Details: Monetize-YES; Display Ads-NO

-Enter Banking information

Complete Tax Identity:

-Complete Royalty Tax Identity Interview

-Enter tax information/submit forms

-Detailed Information here

Canada Tax Interview (optional)

If app offers an In-App Subscription:

  1. If you want your app to be available in Canada, complete this section.

  2. If you do not, leave blank. We'll remove Canada from the locations.

>Developer Account


>Tax Identity

>Click Enter Interview next to Canada Tax Interview.

>Answer a few questions and provide Tax classification; Business entity type; Foreign Tax Identification Number, etc.

4: Give Uscreen Access: Add User


>User Permissions

>Add New

-Role: Administrator


Video Walkthrough of Setting up an Amazon Developer Account

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