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Submitting App Requirements
Submitting App Requirements
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How To Submit App Requirements
Linking a Roku Device to Your Roku Developer Account
Image Assets: Android & iOS
Image Assets: TV Apps
App Store Screenshots
Mobile App Welcome Onboarding Slides
App Access: Sign-In Only vs In-App Purchase
Setting Up Developer Accounts
Create an Apple Developer Account
Create Amazon Developer Account
Create Roku Developer Account
Create Google Developer AccountHow to create and access the Google Developer Account (Google Play Console). It is required to host Android and AndroidTV apps.
Enable API Access - Google Service AccountAfter creating your Google Developer Account, it's still required to Create Service Account and share a JSON key with us.
Google Developer Account - TroubleshootingIn this article, we’ll help you identify what could go wrong and what you can do to get your Google Developer Account up and running!
Review Google Developer Account settingsAfter creating a Google Developer account, it’s time to review your account settings, set the payment profile and invite Uscreen’s user.
App Access: Content RatingsUnderstand how your content and its rating needs to be reported in the app stores
App Access: Language OptionsLearn about your options for using your preferred language in the app and the app stores
Accent ColorsLearn what accent colors are, where they appear in your apps, and how to select colors that will grab the attention of your users.
App IconPlatform requirements and considerations for mobile app icons and names.
App Subtitle
App Short Description
Writing App DescriptionsHow to write a good app description for mobile and TV apps
App Full Description
Add Keywords To Your App Store Entry
App Access: Geoblocking and AvailabilityControl if and where users can access your apps
Customer Support for AppsHow to better support your customers within the Apps
Developer Accounts
Convert Apple Developer Account from Individual to Business
App Builder Form Questions - Index
Apple AgreementsHow to Review and Update Your Apple Developer and Paid App Agreements
Google Play's New Testing Requirements for Individual accounts: A Guide for App DevelopersGoogle now requires additional steps for app reviews on individual accounts. Consider switching to a business account for easier submission.
Checking Your Google Developer Account TypeHow do I know if my Google account type is organizational or individual?