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App Access: Sign-In Only vs In-App Purchase
App Access: Sign-In Only vs In-App Purchase
Updated over a week ago

How will users access content in your apps?

All purchase options are available on your website:

Some options available at Uscreen Apps:

  • Purchases: Subscriptions; Bundles, Rentals; One-Time Purchases

  • Payments: The user chooses and then enters payment information

  • Coupons & Gift Cards: Yes

NOTE: Bundles, rentals, and one-time purchases are not sold through apps, only on your website.
Your users will have access to any purchased content on all platforms.

Accessing Content:

  • Within the apps, all the content published in your catalog will be visible

    • The catalog updates automatically and instantaneously, everywhere (website and apps)

  • If you are offering In-App Subscriptions (IAP), these subscriptions need to grant access to all of your content.

    • You should always add your top-tier subscriptions to your apps.

    • Tiered subscriptions are currently available on the web, only.

  • Any user can browse and watch free content (if any is available) in the apps.

  • Users will have access to the content they purchase on the website in the apps

    • This includes bundles, rentals, and one-time purchases that are not sold in the apps.

    • Uscreen uses Single Sign-On, so it does not matter where you purchase access (registered account required)

    • Users can log in on any platform and access the content included in their subscription.

On the Plus plan, there are two options you can choose when building your apps:

  • Pro plan apps will have In-App Purchases, by default.

  • The 'Sign-in only' access method is available on Plus/Custom plans.

Only:

  • Use this only if all or the vast majority of your content is free.

  • Existing users can create an account in the site and log in to the app to access the content previously purchased on the website.

  • Users cannot Create an account or Purchase a Subscription in the app if the app is Sign-in Only.

  • We cannot direct users to your website to sign-up or purchase access. The app is built in a way that complies with this requirement.

In-App Purchase:

  • Use this if paid access is required to access your content.

  • Existing users can log in and access their content.

  • New Users can Sign-Up and Purchase a Subscription in the app, without needing to visit your website.

  • If you offer paid content, include it in a Subscription and use IAP.

  • Each platform will charge service fees from In-App subscriptions.

APPLE APPS ONLY: Any Paid Content = In-App Purchase

  • Apple won't approve apps that require paid access but do not use the In-App Purchase. (App Store Guideline 3.1.1 In-App Purchase)

  • If you want iOS approved and available in the App Store, you must give users the option to purchase access to your app, as well as your website.

  • If you offer access through Subscriptions, Bundles, or One-Time Purchases on your site, include content in the All-Access Subscription and offer In-App Purchases.

  • If you're on the Plus plan, your other apps can be Sign-In Only, if you'd like.

More details about In-App Purchase:

App Subscriptions are linked to a Website Subscription for granting access and invoices. Any changes made on the Uscreen dashboard will not be automatically reflected in the apps.

-Type: We suggest adding a Private Subscription for apps.

-Content: App subscriptions should include access to all content (top tier).

-Duration: You can offer one app subscription for each duration (see below).

Subscriptions Durations (you can add one per period, as below):

  • Android & iOS:

    • Monthly

    • Quarterly

    • Semi-Annual

    • Yearly

  • AppleTV, Android TV, Roku, and Fire TV:

    • Monthly

    • Yearly

Adding In-App Subscriptions:

Changing In-App Subscriptions:

  • Any changes made on the Uscreen dashboard will not be automatically reflected in the apps once they are built.

  • All changes must be made by the App Team (

  • Adding/Removing a Subscription or Free Trial requires an App Update (build a new version & submit it for review); the timeline is 4-6 weeks.

  • It is best to choose a Price and Trial you will be happy with long-term.

Revenue Share:

  • Revenue Share is required by each platform: Apple, Google, Amazon, and Roku.

  • It's like a Service Fee you pay to distribute your app.

  • You'll share part of all earnings from subscriptions purchased in the app.

  • In-App Subscriptions & Payments are managed by the platform, not Uscreen.

  • You'll be paid directly by Apple, Google, Amazon, & Roku.

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