This article explains the limitations and requirements for each of our supported app platforms, and this information can shape the subscription pricing and free trial offers in OTT apps to comply with all the platforms in your plan.

To learn more about offering subscription access for your apps generally, be sure to check out our guide on sign-in only apps and in-app purchasing options.

Subscriptions Online versus In-App Purchase

On the Uscreen site, we offer lots of freedom as to how one can set any price for subscriptions. However, app stores have a set range of limitations that affect both free trials and subscription prices. In addition to the following guidelines for each app store, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Unlike changes to pricing and trials on the site, changes to prices and trial durations on your site will not affect the subscriptions in apps. Prices and trial durations for apps can only be done through each app store.

  • Changes to prices or free trial terms durations for your app can take up to 48 hours for the app store to process (depending on each app store or platform), so please discuss changes with your CSM/App Setup Specialist with as much lead time as possible.

  • Price changes will affect all subscribers, both current and future, and current subscribers will be required to consent to changes or choose to cancel (This does not apply to Roku, for which users are locked into the original pricing to which they subscribed). It is important to consider that this action may incur subscription loss as subscribers elect to cancel entirely.

  • Pricing your in-app subscriptions higher than your site subscriptions to counteract revenue share from the platforms can result in rejection from the store during review in some cases. Although possible, please take into consideration that app rejections and changing prices could delay publishing.

If you're unsure how the guidelines below apply to you, feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or App Setup Specialist for any and all questions!

App Platforms:


Free Trials

Free trial durations can be between 3 and 999 days long.

Subscription Pricing

Any price can be set for an in-app subscription price, but there is a price limit that is applied to all subscription terms (e.g. there is a $400 USD limit for both monthly and annual subscriptions).

Price limits for specific currencies can be found here.

We can also manually convert other currencies if you would like to override conversion rates for other regions for more consistent pricing.


Free Trials

Apple forces you to choose from a rigid selection of free trial lengths:

3 Days, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, or 1 Year

Note: We cannot make, for example, a 30 day free trial. Although that is generally seen as the same as a 1 month trial, Apple will make the trial last as long as the same date one month later (e.g. If a user subscribes on February 14th with a 1 Month trial, they will be charged on March 14th, 28 days later)

Subscription Pricing

Subscription prices are chosen from a drop-down menu of predetermined options, and the increments of price options expands as prices increase. Below is the current pricing structure for USD subscription pricing:

Note: If you are logged into App Store Connect already, you will be able to see a full matrix of in-app pricing for every region here:


Free Trials

Amazon forces you to choose from a rigid selection of free trial durations

7 Days, 14 Days, 1 Month, 2 Months, or 3 Months

Subscription Pricing

We can set any price for an in-app subscription price, but there are price limits. Below is a table of Amazon's supported currencies and limitations on pricing:


Minimum Price

Maximum Price





























Free Trials

Free trial durations can be between 3 and 999 days or months long.

Subscription Pricing

Subscription prices are chosen from a drop-down menu of predetermined options of USD, not matter your preferred currency is:

Price Range


$0.49 to $30.99


$30.99 to $400.99


If you want to set your prices based on another currency, we will have to choose a USD price that is closest, as Roku will then provide a rough conversion of the price.

Example of price conversion for a $4.99 USD subscription:

We hope this helps to provide information on pricing your subscriptions in app! As always, please reach out to the CSM or App Setup specialist for more information or clarification

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