How will users access content in your apps?

If you plan to offer Paid Content, an All-Access Subscription is the best option. Combining different options (Bundles & Subscriptions) is not recommended.

On your Uscreen website, you can offer different types of purchases such as Bundles, Rentals; One-Time Purchases; Multiple Subscriptions. Users can choose payment method and use Coupons Codes or Gift Cards.

In your Uscreen apps you can offer One Monthly Subscription. Payment is completed through the app and billed to the User's Apple ID, Google Play, Amazon, or Roku Account. Users cannot use Coupon Codes or Gift Cards.


Accessing Content:

-Any user can browse and watch free content (if any is available) in the apps.

-Users will have access to content they purchase on the website in the apps.

Option 1: Sign-In Only

-Use if all of your content is free or all content is included in a Free Bundle.
-Existing users can Login and access content purchased on your website.
-Users will NOT have the option to Sign-Up or Purchase a Subscription.
-Directing users outside the app to sign-up/make a purchase is not permitted.

Option 2: In-App Purchase (IAP)

-Use if a subscription is required to access most of your content.

-If you offer paid content, include all content in a Subscription and use IAP.
-Existing users can Login to their account and access content.
-New Users can Sign-Up/Create Account and Purchase a Subscription in the app.

-You'll share a portion of earnings with the platform distributing the app. (see below)

*iOS: Apple stopped approving apps that require paid access, but do not use the In-App Purchase. They know content is being purchased on a website. If you offer paid content through Bundles or One-Time Purchases, we suggest changing to an All-Access Subscription and offering an In-App Purchase to ensure iOS is approved.


Set-Up In-App Purchase:

1: Finalize In-App Subscription Duration/Price/Trial:

-Choose Duration: Android; iOS: Monthly or Yearly; TV Apps: Monthly Only
-Set the price and trial you'll be happy with 4-6 months later.
-In-App Subscription is part of the app and cannot be changed in the Dashboard.
-Making changes will significantly delay your apps being published.

2: Add Website Subscription with the same Duration/Price/Trial:

-In-App Purchase is linked to a Website Subscription for granting access & invoices.
-Add a Subscription in your Dashboard that can be used for the In-App Subscription.

-The subscription can be Private or Public.
-You will NOT be able to make any changes to the subscription linked to the apps.

-To easily change website subscriptions, add a private subscription for the apps.

3: Changing an In-App Purchase:

-After an app is published, changing the In-App Purchase is not recommended.
-Changes should only be made if there's a significant change to the content/price.
-Each change requires us to update the apps.
-You can request an App Update, includes changing price/trial, 4 times per year.


Revenue Share:

-Revenue Share is required by each platform: Apple, Google, Amazon, Roku.
-It's like a Service Fee you pay to Apple/Google/Amazon/Roku to distribute your app.
-You'll share part of all earnings from subscriptions purchased in the app.

-In-App Subscriptions & Payments are managed by the platform, not Uscreen.

By Platform:

Apple: You receive 70% of payment minus taxes. Details: Apple Revenue Share
Google: You receive 70% of the payment. Details here: Google Revenue Share
Amazon: You receive 70% of the list price. Details here: Amazon Revenue Share
Roku: You receive 80% minus taxes & refunds. Details here: Roku Revenue Share

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