Create a New Subscription Plan
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When you are creating a new subscription plan, have in mind that adding a good title, as well as a good description, can help your users know what plan will be better for them.

To create it, navigate to the Subscription tab and click + Create a plan.

First, add a Title that will be cohesive with your other subscription plans to help users know what makes this one different. Then add a Description to sell your subscription. Let them know what is included and what its benefits are.

It is a great idea to add a thumbnail to each subscription, especially if you want to promote a specific subscription or want to let people know what you offer or how much they can save.

Price your subscription to reflect what you offer, add a Duration to let them know when they will be charged—every Month, Quarter, 6-month, or Year—and offer Trial Days if you want to allow users to give it a try before committing to it.

Then choose if you want the plan to be available to everyone, Public, or if you want to share it only by direct link, Private.

If you want to make it live on your Storefront, you'll need to set it as Public.

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