All payments for In-App Subscriptions are processed through the App Store and are not available for refunds via the Uscreen admin site. Customers will need to request the refund directly from the App.

Information to share with End Users:

-ALL changes to an In-App Subscription MUST be made by the User.

-Users can manage In-App Subscriptions in device/account settings including:

  • View Subscription: Receipt for payment, date trial ends, next payment date

  • Cancel Subscription: You must cancel where subscription was purchased

  • Restore Purchase: User has active In-App Subscription but can't access content

  • Request a Refund: User wants a refund for In-App Subscription

How-To Guides:

-View or Cancel In-App Subscription: Google; Apple; Amazon; Roku

-Request a Refund: Google Refund; Apple Refund; Amazon Refund; Roku Refund

-Restore Purchase: Android & iOS: Restore Purchase

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