-You can view App Analytics and Payout Information in each Developer Account.

-Each platform requires you to Share Revenue earned from In-App Subscriptions.

  • Revenue Share is like a Service Fee you pay to to distribute your app. You'll share part of all earnings from subscriptions purchased in the app.
  • In-App Subscriptions & Payments are managed by the platform, not Uscreen. You'll be paid directly by Apple, Google, Amazon, & Roku.

iOS & Apple TV:

Where: App Store Connect Account

I: Revenue & Payments:

-*Revenue Share: You receive 70% of payment minus taxes/fees (details)

-Payment for Revenue: Made 45 days after the last day of month (overview)

-Payout Reports: Monthly summary of proceeds from In-App Purchases (details)

*To increase your share to 85%, apply for Apple's Small Business Program!

II: Analytics & Subscription Data:

-App Analytics: User engagement, Installations, Sessions, & App Store views.

-Sales & Trends: Subscription Reports & Events (activations, cancellations; renewals)

Android & Android TV:

Where: Google Developer Account

I: Revenue & Payments:

-Revenue Share: You receive 70% of the payment. (details)

-Payment for Revenue: Starts on 15th for previous month. (overview)

-Payout Reports: View Earnings and Estimated Sales (details)

II: Analytics & Subscription Data:

-App Statistics: Data for installs, uninstalls, ratings, crashes (details)

-App Revenue: Data for subscriptions over time. (details)

Fire TV:

Where: Amazon Developer Account

I: Revenue & Payments:

-Revenue Share: You receive 70% of the list price. (details)

-Payment for Revenue: 45 days after the end of the month (overview)

-Payout Reports: View estimated earnings from In-App Purchases (details)

II: Analytics & Subscription Data:

-Appstore Dashboard: Provides summary of In-App Purchases (details)

-Subscription Reports: Data for In-App Purchases (details)

Roku Channel:

Where: Roku Developer Dashboard

I: Revenue & Payments:

-Revenue Share: You receive 80% minus taxes & refunds. (details)

-Payment for Revenue: 60 days after the end of each month (details)

-Payout Reports: Sales activity over a given month (details)

II: Analytics & Subscription Data:

-Transaction Report: Purchases, Renewals, Cancellations (details)

-Channel Engagement: Installs & Streaming Data (details)
-Channel Health: Types of crashes (details)
-Viewership Summary: Visits & Streaming Hours (details)


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