Native App Minimum Device OS Versions
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For the technically inclined, here is a list of the native app minimum device operating systems (OS) needed to install and use the Uscreen native apps. These minimums are important to review if you, or your end-user audience, are experiencing any issues.

This list is expected to be updated (with more modern OS versions) about 1 or 2 times per year, corresponding to major phone and TV device updates, app store updates, and our own Uscreen app major updates.

Mobile Apps:

  • Android: Android phone or tablet (OS 5.1 or later)

  • iOS: iPhone or iPad (iOS 12.0 or later)

TV Apps:

  • tvOS: Apple TV 4th generation or later (tvOS 15.2 or later)

  • Android TV: Android TV streaming box or TV (OS 5.1 or later)

  • Fire TV: Fire TV Stick, Cube, or TV (OS 5.1 or later)

  • Roku: Roku streaming device or TV (OS 10.0 or later)

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