This guide outlines the process for publishing apps and assets needed to build apps.
-You'll find all the information needed to Submit App Requirements.
-Provide requirements that apply to apps you've ordered. (ex. Android/iOS only)
-Please click the links to view detailed information, directions, and examples.

Process & Timeline:
• Process of development, testing, and submitting for review can take up to 60 days.
• Timeline begins when ALL required information/assets are received and complete.

Steps in the App Approval process:
• You complete all required steps and provide all required assets/information.

• We review and let you know if your App Requirements are:

-Complete (no issues identified)

-Incomplete (issues identified; something is missing; need to confirm information).

• Once App Requirements are Complete, app is submitted to our developers.
• Our developers build the app, then it's available for you to preview/test.
• After you give approval, we submit for review to the appropriate platform.
• Their developers review the app and provide feedback, typically in 3-5 days.
• If no changes needed, app is Approved; if changes are needed, we Resubmit.

What we need from you to start building apps:
>Choose Access Type: In-App Purchase or Sign-In Only
>Set-up your Uscreen Site: Needed to build and publish apps.
>Set-up Developer Accounts: Needed to build and publish apps.
>Provide Content Assets: App Requirements Form
>Provide Image Assets: Images needed to build apps.

Choose App Access:
-How will users access content? In-App Purchase or Sign-In Only

Set-up Uscreen Site: Add the following:
>Catalog Page: 2-3 Categories with published content (at least 2-3 videos)
>Login Page: The website Login Page is used to create the Login Page in the apps
>Subscription: There needs to be a subscription to link to the In-App Purchase
>Terms of Service: URL that links to your company’s Terms of Service is required
>Privacy Policy: URL that links to your company’s privacy policy is required
>Contact Page: URL that links to your company's FAQ/Contact page is required

Set-up Developer Accounts:
You'll create/manage the account and give us access. This allows us to publish apps on your behalf. Click each link to view requirements and detailed directions.
>Apple Developer (iOS; Apple TV)
>Google Developer (Android; Android TV)
>Amazon Developer (Fire TV)
>Roku Developer (Roku)

Provide Content Assets: Complete App Requirements Form
Choose the option you prefer; you'll find detailed information on both forms.
>App Form- Online: Complete form and provide images online.
>App Form- Document: Click to download and return via email.

Provide Image Assets:
Click each link to view detailed information, image specifications, and examples.
>Images for Android & iOS
>Images for Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku

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