How To Submit App Requirements
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This guide outlines the process to submit your app information. You will work with a friendly Uscreen Client Success Manager, and a helpful App Specialist, to publish your native apps.

Please, note that depending on your plan you'll have more or fewer options to choose from on your apps. Clients in the Plus/Custom plan have more flexibility in their apps, while in the Pro plan, the app has a lot more predefined settings.

Process and Timeline:

  • The process of building, reviewing, and submitting to app stores takes up to 45 days.

  • The timeline begins when ALL required app information and assets are submitted by the client, and approved by Uscreen.

  • The process has many steps, but Uscreen is here to help along the way!

Steps in the App Approval process:

  • You provide all the required app information, such as developer account information and assets.

  • Uscreen reviews your app information. If incomplete, Uscreen will tell you how to address any outstanding issues.

  • A helpful Uscreen App Launch Specialist builds your apps.

  • Clients in the Plus plan can opt to review the completed apps, before releasing them in the App Stores.

  • Uscreen submits your apps to the app stores, for their review.

  • Uscreen receives feedback. If approved, your apps are launched. If Not Approved, Uscreen and you work together and resubmit. Uscreen has lots of experience navigating the, sometimes difficult, app store approval processes.

    • Each platform has its criteria and requirements to review and approve apps to go live on their marketplaces. Sometimes, there can be some edge cases where we need to follow up several times with the reviewers to finally get your apps approved. You'll be notified along the process if that's the case.

What Uscreen needs from you to build your apps:

  • Set up your Uscreen website.

  • Set up your Developer Accounts.

  • Provide App Image Assets (your branded images and logos, app icon, accent color, etc).

  • Clients in the Plus plan can decide on the App Access type: choose either In-App-Purchase or Sign-in-only.

    • Clients in the Pro plan will have apps with In-App Purchases, by default.

Set up Uscreen Site: Add the following required items:

  • Catalog Page: 2-3 Categories with published content (at least 2-3 videos)

  • Subscription: There needs to be an active subscription for the In-App Purchase.

  • Terms of Service: URL that links to your company’s Terms of Service

  • Privacy Policy: URL that links to your company’s privacy policy

  • Contact Page: URL that links to your company’s contact info for support. Typically a support form and support email address.

Set up Developer Accounts:

Provide Image Assets:

Decide on App Access Configuration:

  • In-App-Purchases for conveniently selling subscriptions directly from native apps (required for Pro plan apps)

  • Clients in the Plus plan can choose to build their apps as 'Sign-in-only' if all (or most of) the content is free

  • Read more about choosing either In-App-Purchase or Sign-in-only

Need help along the way?

  • Contact and an App Launch Specialist will help you along the way!

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