Apps: Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku

Before we can begin building your apps, we must have the images. You can provide images as part of the Online App Form or send via Email. It's up to you!

-Email ( Send link to shared folder or attach/send files.

-Online App Form: Enter link to shared folder or upload individual files.

Images Needed:

1: Brand Logo-Transparent (512x512 px): App Header; Login Page

2: Brand Logo-Solid (512x512 px): Channel Icon for App Store & Home Screen
3: Login Background (1280x1080 px): Used with logo to create Login Page
4: Launch Image (1920x1080 px): Shown briefly when app opens
5: Apple TV Banner (1920x720 px): Shown on home screen when app is selected.
6: Channel Icon (1280x720 px): Optional; If not provided, Brand Logo-Solid is used.

Examples of Images:


TV Login Page:
-Created using Login Background & Transparent Logo with a two-sided layout.
-There’s a fade in the center. Login Background should not contain Brand Logo.


Screenshot Previews:
-We will generate previews for all your apps before submitting each for review.
-If you prefer, you can create and provide custom screenshot images to use instead.

Get to know the TV Apps:
Login & Launch Screen are the same, but the Home & Video Pages are different.

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