Image Assets: TV Apps
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Relevant App Types:

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These images are required as part of your app asset collection process as either JPEG or PNG files. Please be mindful of sizing and transparency requirements as described below.

Required Image

How It's Used

TV Header Logo
(512x512px - transparent background)

  • In-App Header on the Home Page

  • Login Page (Roku)

TV Login Background

  • Background for Login UI (Android TV/Fire TV/Roku)

  • Note: The header logo (above) will be used on top of the Login form. So you can leave your logo out of on this image file

TV Launch Screen Image

  • Shown briefly when the app opens

Top Shelf Banner

  • Appears in some TV device's Home Screen when the app is selected

Channel Icon

  • Shown in the TV device Home Screen

  • App Stores require this image to include the App Name written (not only the logo image)

Platform-Specific Examples

Android TV/Fire TV:

Channel Icon

TV Header Logo

TV Login Background

TV Launch Screen

Apple TV:

Channel Icon

Top Shelf Banner


Channel Icon

TV Header Logo

TV Login Background with Header

App Store Screenshots:

  • As the app stores will just want internal screenshots of the TV apps, there will be no need for customized screenshots because we will generate screenshots for all your apps before submitting each for review.

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