Apps: Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku

To build apps, we must have the images. You can provide online or via email.

  • Email ( Send link to shared folder or attach/send files.
  • Online App Form: Enter link to shared folder or upload individual files.

Images Needed:

1: Brand Logo-Transparent (512x512 px): App Header; Login Page

2: Brand Logo-Solid (512x512 px): Channel Icon for App Store & Home Screen
3: Login Background (1280x1080 px): Used with logo to create Login Page
4: Launch Image (1920x1080 px): Shown briefly when app opens
5: Apple TV Banner (1920x720 px): Shown on home screen when app is selected.
6: Channel Icon (1280x720 px): Optional; If not provided, Brand Logo-Solid is used.

Examples of Images:


TV Login Page:

-Created using Login Background & Transparent Logo with a two-sided layout.
-There’s a fade in the center. Login Background should not contain Brand Logo.

App Store Screenshots:

-We will generate previews for all your apps before submitting each for review.-We will
-If you prefer, you can create and provide custom screenshot images to use instead.

Get to know the TV Apps:
Login & Launch Screen are the same, but the Home & Video Pages are different.

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