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The latest TV Apps make it faster and easier for your audience members to sign into their accounts. So much more convenient than typing in a long email and password using the tv remote.

Where is easy sign in available?

  • Roku - version 3.9+

  • AndroidTV - version 2.3.0+

  • FireTV - version 2.3.0+

  • AppleTV - version 2.4.0+

When end users of TV apps navigate to the login screen, they will have two login options:

  1. Sign in with remote and on-screen keyboard

  2. Sign in using another device (Easy Sign-In)

If the user chooses to sign in with another device, they will follow the instructions as presented on the screen:

Easy Sign-In URL

Users will first enter the URL on their phone or laptop (The “uscreen_site” portion of the URL will be replaced by the name of your store that appears in your custom domain).

Once the user has navigated to the URL, they will be asked to enter their email and password:

This page will include custom branding from your store, specifically your logo, accent colors, and sign-in page image that you uploaded when customizing your storefront.

Easy Sign-In Code

After the user has entered the email and password associated with their account, they will click Sign In and be brought to a new page to enter the unique code displayed on their TV device:

The code is not case-sensitive, so it can be entered as shown on the screen, or in lower case.

Once the user has entered the code, they can click Connect, and their TV device will refresh and sign them into their account.

It’s that easy!

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