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Native Mobile & TV Apps Overview
Native Mobile & TV Apps Overview
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Uscreen offers native Mobile and native TV apps to distribute your content, establish your brand, engage your customers, and grow your audience. When you have amazing content that your customers want to watch, native apps make it easiest for them to consume that content, on-the-go, or on the big screen! We at Uscreen have created hundreds and hundreds of native apps, to help our customers take their businesses to the next level.

Fun Fact - More than 50% of all watch time, and up to 30% of income for the Top Uscreen customers, comes from these native apps!

The apps that Uscreen builds for you are fully native to the app store platforms. This means the app experience will always be fast, intuitive, and responsive while bringing similar functionality and features of your website to mobile devices and TVs.

Available Native Apps

When we create an app for you, we make sure it's done under your own app developer account. Your app details and data are completely owned by you, but we handle the technical details, and do the heavy lifting, by creating your app, on your behalf.

Native App Features

Here's a short list of the feature available in the Native Apps, for your audience:

  • Watch your video content

  • Browser your content catalog

  • Advanced search

  • Engage with the community

  • Watch live events

  • Participate in live chats

  • Download videos to watch offline

  • Save favorites

  • Make playlists

  • Receive push notifications to stay engaged

  • See translations in 30+ languages

  • And many more features

Also! Uscreen has a dedicated team that is always making improvements and adding new functionality. And you can also submit your own ideas as a feature request, which Uscreen may consider as a possible future improvement.

Your apps

Though Uscreen builds and maintains your apps... You are the ultimate owner of your apps! We handle the technical details and app store submission process. You focus on your content, memberships, and business.

Want to learn more about apps? And how they can help you grow your business? Contact us to get started with apps. Or visit the Mobile & TV Apps page in your admin area.

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