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Updating Very Old Mobile Apps
Updating Very Old Mobile Apps
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Uscreen is constantly making improvements and additions to the native mobile apps. Occasionally, Uscreen releases a major app update, with large changes to functionality and the user interface.

Uscreen released a major update to the mobile apps in very early 2022! Specifically, we went from version 2.x to 3.x.

If you have not updated your mobile apps in 2022 or 2023, we strongly encourage you to contact your friendly Uscreen Client Success Manager or request an app update.

What's new since early 2022 in mobile apps?

Redesigned User Interface:

  • New Interface: More intuitive and easier to navigate

  • Enhanced Video Player: with better video controls

  • Native technical code, specifically for iOS & Android, which is MUCH faster!

New Mobile Apps Features:

  • Multiple subscriptions and pricing tier options (details here)

  • Simplified Subscriptions

  • Welcome Screens (showcase features; prompt to purchase a subscription)

  • Watch Trailers

  • Continue watching (videos where you left off)

  • Playlist (Up Next): For Categories; Collections; Favorites; Downloads

  • Collections: Download, read the description, and leave comments for Individual videos

  • Live Event Notifications: Get notified when an event is starting

  • Live Chat for Live Streaming

  • A community for membership engagement and discussions

  • Download videos to watch offline videos

  • Improved Search & Filter

  • Improve Favorites

  • Improved Analytics

Enhanced Video Player:

  • View videos in Vertical mode or Full-Screen

  • Watch or Listen while multitasking with a PIP Player and Play In the Background

  • Auto-Play lets you automatically play the next video in a Playlist (Up Next)

Personalized Settings:

  • Profile: Add a profile picture/avatar

  • Language: Users can choose their preferred Language

  • Theme: Users can choose Dark or Light Mode in App Settings

  • Get Help: Users can contact you to Report a Problem via email

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