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Request App Update

Information and steps to make changes to your apps.

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All software requires updates! Things like maintenance, branding changes, subscription changes, performance improvements, new features, security enhancements, optimized interfaces, etc. Software is always changing and improving. Uscreen Mobile and TV apps are no different.

Uscreen offers regular app updates throughout the duration of your agreement.

How often does Uscreen release new updates to apps?

  • 📱 Mobile apps typically every 1-2 months

  • 📺 TV apps typically every 2-3 months

You can request an update from the Mobile & TV apps section of the admin area. Or right from this article link 👇

Most app updates require submission to, and approval by, the respective app stores. The app update and resubmission processes typically takes 7-21 days, but could take as long as 45 days. This timing depends on a number of factors, including the size and scope of the update, duration of your preview period, and each app stores' individual schedule and queues. The app stores typically review apps within a few days, but can take longer, especially during peak times, like U.S. holidays. Unfortunately, the app store review step, and timeline, is beyond the control of you and Uscreen.

You should request an app update if you need to make changes to your app images assets, subscriptions, app store listing information, your app store developer account information, or even to change the Report a a Problem email contact.

Read this article to learn more about changes that require updates to your apps.

Your friendly Uscreen Customer Success Manager will also discuss app updates, during your regular checkins! Typically, you will request an update when there are significant new improvements or features in the Uscreen native apps!

We encourage you to discuss opting into automatic updates, to automatically stay on the latest and greatest! But this choice is yours! Some Uscreen customers prefer to manually request app updates. Others want automatic updates. This is a great discussion to have with your Customer Success Manager based on your preferences and business.

How does the app update process work?

1: Review & Gather Information

Review your current app and decide if you want to make any changes.

App Information:

  • This includes App Name, Promotional Text, Short Description, Full Description, Search Keywords, Support Email, Contact, Privacy, Terms, etc.

  • Is the information correct? Links work? Do you want to change anything?

  • Did you learn about a new Uscreen feature, improvement, or maintenance fix, that you want to include?

App Access:

  • In-App Purchase: Want to change price? Change, add, or remove trial?

  • Sign-In Only: Want to add an In-App Purchase?

  • Review In-App Purchase vs Sign-in-Only options here.

App Store Screenshots:

Image Assets:

  • Did you update or change your brand, logos, or color scheme?

  • Mobile Apps 📱details, examples, and specifications

  • TV Apps 📺 details, examples, and specifications

2: Check Developer Accounts

  • Make sure Uscreen has access and payments/agreements are active.

  • If we do not have access for the users listed, Uscreen cannot update your apps.

Specific App Stores:

3: Request App Update and provide App Information

  • After you submit the request, Uscreen will stay in touch, and you may receive an email requesting additional information needed to update your apps. Add <> to your safe list. Or check you spam!

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