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Changes Available for Mobile and TV Apps

How to Request Changes for your Apps

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Uscreen uses the same build code for all apps on each platform, and any improvements or changes to the code impact every Uscreen app. This enables us to build, update, and maintain apps quickly! For this reason, the app code cannot be altered for an individual app.

Below you will find which elements you are able to change with a new app build, which elements do not require a new app build, and which customizations are not offered due to the reasons above.

Changes That Do Not Require A New Build

Our apps connect to your Uscreen library in order to dynamically update what is seen in the apps to reflect your library at any given moment, even after publishing.

  • Adding/rearranging videos or trailers

  • Changing titles, thumbnails, or descriptions of videos, collections, or categories

  • Changing the price of an existing in-app subscription

  • Changing the availability of free trials associated with an existing in-app subscription

  • Enabling geo-blocking, a featured category, and the Continue Watching feature*

  • Adding push notification functionality*

  • Adding the Community feature*

*these only apply to mobile apps, and mobile apps that have been built after Spring of 2022

Changes That Require A New Build

The process to change the elements below are dependent on which phase of the app publishing process you are currently in:

  • Previewing = Access to a completed version of a New or Existing app; not publicly available

  • Published = Your existing apps are currently live and publicly accessible in the app stores.

If you are currently previewing new apps, you can either inform your assigned App Launch Specialist, or write to the team as a whole at

App Information:

- App Store Name or Display Name on Device

-Support Email

-Privacy & Terms of Service URLs

-Accent Color

-App Theme (TV only)

**App Description; Subtitle; Keywords -->

App Access:

-Change to sign-in only (this is not an option for Apple apps)

-Change to offering an in-app subscription

-Add new subscriptions

-Details: App Access

Image Assets:

-Change the app icon; launch screen; etc.

In-App Welcome Screens:

-Provide custom ones

-Ask us to generate new default ones

-Only available for mobile apps

App Store Screenshots:

-Provide custom screenshots (details)

-Ask us to generate new default screenshots

Report a Problem:

-Provide new contact details for the "Report a Problem" button.

The following are not currently offered, and not supported in Uscreen apps:

  • Adding/changing menu options

  • Changing menu icons

  • Adding custom features or functionality

  • Changing flow (ie. app opens to login screen)

  • Adding pages (ie. adding the website home page)

  • Changing In-App Text (pages, actions/buttons, notifications)

  • Changing font style or sizing

  • Adding SDKs (Facebook SDK, Firebase SDK, Google Analytics SDK, etc.)

  • Adding Integrations (Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Refersion, etc.)

Feature Request:

If you would like additional features or functionality in the apps, please let our Product Team know. They'll review your suggestions, and may consider them for future improvements.

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