-Screenshots are shown on the product page in App Store, Play Store, & Roku Store.
-They let users "see" app features and functionality before they install an app.

Uscreen Screenshot Previews:

-We will generate previews for all your apps before submitting each for review.
-Uscreen previews are auto-generated. We cannot create additional previews.
-Arrange the Catalog Page, so the content you want displayed is captured.

Android & iOS: 4 Screenshots

Text Color (App Theme) & Background (Accent Color) cannot be changed.

TV Apps: 3 Screenshots

Using Custom Screenshots:

If you do not want to use the Uscreen screenshots, you can provide custom screenshot images for us to use instead. Here's what you need to know:

  • If you want to use Custom Screenshots, let the App Team know (ott@uscreen.tv).
  • You must provide the images before apps are submitted for review.
  • Screenshots should demonstrate app features, functionality, and user interface. They should show the device in use. Do not use screenshots from your website.
  • For example, iPhone Screenshots show your iOS app in use on an iPhone. Roku Screenshots show your Roku Channel interface.

*Apple has strict requirements for the device shown in screenshots. If the screenshots do not show the correct device, your app will be rejected. You can use the same device for iPhone 5.5" & iPhone 6.5", but not for iPhone and iPad.

Required Images & Specifications:

Android: (4-8 Images)

-5.5" Screen (1242x2208 px)- showing Android device in use.

iOS: (4-8 Images in each size)

-5.5" iPhone (1242x2208 px)- must show an iPhone in use.

-6.5" iPhone (1242x2688 px)- must show an iPhone in use.

-12.9" iPad (2048x2732 px)- must show an iPad in use.

TV Apps:

-Apple TV (1920x1080 px)- 3-5 Images showing tvOS Interface

-Fire TV (1920x1080 px)- 3-5 Images showing Fire TV Interface

-Android TV (1920x1080 px)- 3-5 Images showing Android TV Interface

-Roku (1920x1080 px)- 3-5 Images showing Roku Interface

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