Before we can begin building your apps, we must have the image assets. You will provide images as part of the App Form. The files need to be .jpg or .png with no transparency. You can view details and examples below.

Required Images:

  1. App Icon (1024x1024px)

  2. Launch Screen (2048x2732px)

  3. Android Feature Graphic (1024x500px)

Details & Examples:

App Icon:

  • Shown in the App Store

  • Shown on Device Home Screen

Launch Screen Image:

  • Appears briefly when app opens.

  • Do not include URLs on image.

  • Image used needs to fit different screen sizes.

  • It enlarges on small screens and can appear to "cut-off" the graphic.

  • To ensure image is visible on all devices, center the graphic/logo in the Safe Area (1200 x 2250).

Android Feature Graphic:

  • Required by Google to publish apps.

  • If you have a *preview video, it's shown before the screenshots. (#1)

  • If Google features your app, it's shown in the Recommended section in Play Store. (#2)

  • If you do not have a preview video, it will not be displayed.

  • Use your logo to create the image.

*Preview Video is optional. Information here. Contact Google Support for help.

App Store Screenshots:

  • Optional: You are not required to provide screenshots.

  • Theses are shown on the product page in each app store.

  • We will create screenshots for you or you can create & provide your own.

  • If you are not sure, let us generate screenshots then you can decide if like those or you want to create your own.

  • Please click the link below to learn more about both options.

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