Before we can begin building your apps, we must have the image assets.

You will provide images as part of the App Form (upload individual files).

Images Needed:

  • App Icon: 1024x1024px- (jpg or png; no transparency)

  • Launch Screen: 2048x2732px- (jpg or png)- Shown briefly when app opens

  • Android Feature Graphic: 1024x500px- (jpg or png)- Required by Google but not shown in the Play Store Listing; use Brand Logo to create.

Details & Examples:

App Icon: Shown in App Store & Device Home Screen


Launch Screen Image: Appears briefly when you open the app.

-Image used needs to fit different screen sizes.

-It enlarges on small screens and can appear to "cut-off" the graphic/logo.
-To prevent this, Center graphic/logo within Safe Area (1200 x 2250).


Example of Launch Screen "cut-off":


App Screenshots:

-Screenshots are shown on the product page in each app store.

-They let users see app features and functionality before they install an app.

-We will generate screenshots for all apps or you can provide custom screenshots.

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