Steps to set-up Roku Developer Account:

⚠️ In order for the Apps Team to complete your app, your Roku developer account must be connected to a Roku Device

  • Roku requires the Account Owner to link a device to their developer account.

  • This can be a Roku Streaming Player or Roku TV™.

  • This must be done before we can develop, update, or publish your Roku app.

  • Let us know if you live in an area where Roku is not available.

1: Create Roku Account

& Link Device

-Enter user information. Continue.

-Enter Payment Information. Save.

-Link Roku device (directions below).

2: Enroll in Developer Program

-Enter information.

-Enroll as a Company

-Agree to Roku Distribution Policy.

3: Enroll in Roku Partner Payouts

(detailed directions here)

-Monetize on Roku Publishing Platform

-Agree to Terms

-Provide Payout Information.

-Enter Address, Payment, Tax details.

-Enroll at any time in your Dashboard.

4: Give Uscreen Access to Developer Account

-Dashboard > User Access > Add a User > Create

-Role: Administrator

-Organization: Uscreen

roku add uscreen access

Link Roku Device to Account:

You will need to login to the developer account and check the developer email.

Activate & Link Roku Device:

1: On Device: Home >Streaming Channels >Enter Developer Account Email.

(If no option to enter email, go to Troubleshooting below.)

2: Check your Email: Open email from Roku & click Roku Activation Link.

3: Sign-In to the Roku Developer Account & follow the steps on screen.


1: Check Device:

>Home >Streaming Channels

If you see this screen (can't enter email), device is already linked to an account.

2: Check Roku Account:

>Home >Settings >System >About

If not the Developer Account Email, make a note of the email and follow steps to Unlink Device.

3: Unlink Roku Device:

-Sign-In to account linked to device.

-Click Unlink next to device.

-Click Unlink again to confirm.

-Follow steps above to link Roku device.

Video Walkthrough of Setting up a Roku Account

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