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Mobile TVOD One-Time-Purchases (beta)
Mobile TVOD One-Time-Purchases (beta)
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⚠️ Mobile one-time-purchases is in beta! It is available for videos, collections, and bundles, but not rentals and not live events. Those are coming later.

You can now offer mobile one-time-purchases in your Uscreen Mobile Apps! One-time-purchases are sometimes called Transactional Video On Demand, or TVOD. Like the name implies, these are one-time, or single purchases, like for a video, collection, or bundle. These differ from recurring memberships, which bill your audience member every month.


Mobile one-time-purchases are a great way to offer individual videos, collections, or bundles, as an additional revenue channel. They are a great addition to your monthly and annual recurring memberships. They use the convenient Apple and Google in-app-purchase feature (and require the app store revenue sharing fees).

How Mobile One-Time-Purchases look in mobile apps

When your mobile audience members are prompted to buy, they will see the associated one-time-purchases or subscriptions options. Then can then select the one-time-purchase, and use the convenient in-app-purchase checkout.

Mobile One-Time-Purchases Beta

Mobile one-time-purchases are in beta! It is available for a small number of customers, as an early-release feature. Right now, there are limited capabilities. Some capabilities will change. Uscreen plans to improve it further. Setup is currently manual. And we are listening to feedback. Want to participate? Willing to work directly with Uscreen and perform some manual setup steps, before the full release? Then let your friendly Customer Success Manager know! Otherwise, wait for the full release, planned in a few months.

Current Limitations

  • Mobile one-time-purchases are only available for individual videos, collections, and paid bundles

  • You may select up to 10 pricing levels

  • Not yet available for Rentals

  • Not yet available for free bundles

  • Not yet available for Live events

  • TVOD-only apps are not allowed. You must offer a recurring subscription. But you may offer individual content that is TVOD-only, and not part of a subscription.

Defining your Mobile One-Time-Purchases

You must define your pricing levels, when you want to offer mobile one-time-purchases. These prices are submitted to the app stores for their approval, similar to your recurring subscriptions prices.

These pricing levels are typically $1.99, $3.99, $9.99, $19.99, $24.99... etc. They typically must end in .99 to meet the app store requirements. You can select up to 10 pricing levels.

Once you define your pricing levels, and Uscreen configures these, you can then associate those prices with your videos, collections, and bundles. You can also change which pricing level is tied to which content. It just has to be one of your predefined pricing levels.

So, share your predefined pricing levels with Uscreen. Up to 10. Do this by requesting an update. Uscreen will configure your app and submit these to the respective app stores. Then you can associate your prices to your content.

Associating your Mobile One-Time-Purchases

Once defined, you can associate those prices with your videos, collections, and bundles on the video details page

  • Navigate to the video, collection, or bundle

  • Enable "Allow users to buy on apps"

  • Select a predefined pricing level

  • Save

  • This content is now associated with a mobile one-time-purchase, in your mobile apps for your mobile audience.

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