What's New?

>Redesigned Mobile Apps:

-New Interface, enhanced Video Player, Resume Watching, Live Chat, and more!

-Details below.

>Multiple Subscriptions for Mobile Apps & Roku (details here)

-Android & iOS: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and/or Annual

-Roku: Monthly and/or Annual

Get Ready!

1: Review & Gather Information

Review what you currently have and decide if you want to make any changes.

App Information:

-This includes App Name, Promotional Text/Short Description, Full Description, Search Keywords, Support Email, & Contact, Privacy, Terms of Use URLs.

-Is the information correct? Links work? Do you want to change anything?

App Access:

-In-App Purchase: Want to change price? Change, add, or remove trial

-Sign-In Only: Want to add an In-App Purchase?

-Review both options here.

App Store Screenshots:

-We'll add new screenshots or you can provide custom screenshots.

-Detailed information here.

Gather Image Assets:

-Details, examples, and specifications: Mobile Apps - TV Apps

2: Check Developer Accounts

  • Make sure Uscreen has access and payments/agreements are active.

  • If we do not have access for the users listed, we cannot update your apps.

  • Apple Only: We have a New User/Email. Follow these steps to Add User.

-iOS: App Store Connect - User: ottapps@uscreen.tv (Users & Agreements)

-Android: Google Play Console - User: ott@uscreen.tv

-Fire TV: Amazon Developer Console - User: ott@uscreen.tv

-Roku: Roku Developer Console - User: ott@uscreen.tv

3: Submit Request, then provide App Information

  • After you submit the request, you'll receive an email requesting information we need to update your apps. Add <donotreply@contentsnare-mail.com> to your safe list.

  • You'll provide the information, then we'll let you know if there are any issues and the time frame.

New Mobile Apps:

  • Use code created specifically for iOS & Android, so it's MUCH faster!

  • Redesigned User Interface: More intuitive and easier to navigate

  • Watch Trailer

  • Welcome Screens (showcase features; prompt to purchase subscription)

  • Playlist (Up Next): For Categories; Collections; Favorites; Downloads

  • Collections: Download, read description, leave comments for Individual videos

  • Live Event Notifications: Get notified when an event is starting

  • Live Chat for Live Streaming

  • Do More Offline: Watch downloaded videos, Search & Filter, Add Favorites, etc.

  • Multiple subscriptions (one for each duration)

  • Simplified Subscriptions

  • Resume Watching

  • Improved Analytics

Enhanced Video Player:

  • View videos in Vertical mode or Full-Screen

  • Watch or Listen while multitasking with PIP Player and Play In Background

  • Auto-Play let's you automatically play the next video in a Playlist (Up Next)

Personalized Settings:

  • Profile: Add a profile picture/avatar

  • Language: Users can choose their preferred Language

  • Theme: Users can choose Dark or Light Mode in App Settings

  • Get Help: Users can contact you to Report a Problem via email

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