Screenshots are shown on the product page in the various app stores. They let users see app features and functionality before they install an app. You have two options:

1: Uscreen Screenshot Previews

  • We will generate previews for all your apps before submitting each for review.
  • Uscreen previews are auto-generated. We cannot create additional previews.
  • Arrange the catalog page, so the content you want displayed is captured.

Android & iOS:

Text, Font Color (App Theme), & Background (Accent Color) cannot be changed.

Each screenshot generated

Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku:

2: Provide Custom Screenshots

If you do not want to use the Uscreen screenshots, you can provide custom screenshot images for us to use instead. Here's what you need to know:

  • Let the App Team know in advance (
  • Provide images before apps are submitted for review.
  • Screenshots should demonstrate app features, functionality, and user interface.
  • Screenshots should show the app and device in use.
  • Apple has strict requirements. If screenshots don't show the correct device, your app will be rejected. iPhone Screenshots must show iOS in use on an iPhone.

Required Images & Specifications:

Android: Google Play Store

-Format: 4-8 Images; .png or .jpg (no transparency)

-5.5" (1242x2208 px): showing Android device in use.

iOS: Apple App Store

-Format: 4-8 Images; .png or .jpg (no transparency)

-5.5" iPhone (1242x2208 px)-must show an iPhone in use.

-6.5" iPhone (1242x2688 px)- must show an iPhone in use.

-12.9" iPad (2048x2732 px)-must show an iPad in use.

TV Apps:

-Format: 3-5 Images; .png or .jpg (no transparency)

-Apple TV (1920x1080 px): showing tvOS Interface

-Fire TV (1920x1080 px): showing Fire TV Interface

-Android TV (1920x1080 px): showing Android TV Interface

-Roku (1920x1080 px): showing Roku Interface

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