App Store Screenshots
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Screenshots are shown on the product page in the various app stores. They let users see app features and functionality before they install an app. You have two options:

Uscreen Screenshots (default option)

  • We will generate previews for all your apps before submitting each for review.

  • Screenshots are auto-generated; we cannot create additional screenshots.

  • Arrange the catalog page, so the content you want displayed is captured.

  • The copy and design of these screenshots are guaranteed to be approved by the app stores and require no extra work on your part

Android & iOS:

1: Home Page (first 2-3 Categories)

2: Downloads Page (4 videos; ordered by upload date; oldest > newest)

3: Video Page (first video in first category)

Text, Font Color, & Background (Accent Color) cannot be changed.

Legacy iPhone & iPad screenshots are generated as well, as required by Apple

Apple Watch:

AppleTV, Android TV, Fire TV, Roku:

1: Catalog Page (first 2-3 Categories)

2: Player Page (first video in first category)

Custom Mobile Screenshots (available on the Plus plan)

If you prefer, you can create and provide custom screenshot images to use, with designs and copy more customized to your brand

  • Let the App Team know in advance (

  • Provide images before apps are submitted for review, as they need to be approved along with an app update

  • You will receive access to the apps during the Preview Phase. This is when you'll be able to create the screenshots using the app.

Screenshots need to demonstrate app features, functionality, and user interface:

  • The majority of screenshots must show the actual app in use (not your website or a different app)

  • Screenshots must also show the correct device in use.

  • Use images captured from your app to create the screenshots.

  • Do not use marketing/promotional materials that do not show the app in use.

  • Do not include prices because it won't be accurate for all users

To avoid your app being rejected, show the correct device:

-iPad Screenshots must show the app in use on an iPad.

-Do not use images captured on an iPhone to create Android Screenshots.

-Do not resize iPad images to use for the iPhone Screenshots.

Required Images & Specifications:

Android: Google Play Store

-Number: 4-8 Images

-Format: png or jpg (no transparency)

-5.5" Mobile: 1242x2208 px

*Must show Android device in use.

iOS: App Store

-Number: 4-8 Images (per each of the three required sets)

-Format: png or jpg (no transparency)

-All Three Sized Sets Are Required

-5.5" iPhone: 1242x2208 px

-6.5" iPhone: 1242x2688 px

-12.9" iPad: 2048x2732 px

*Must show iPhone or iPad in use.

TV Apps:

-Number: 3-5 Images

-Size: 1920x1080px (png or jpg)

-AppleTV: Must show tvOS Interface

-Fire TV: Must show Fire TV Interface

-Roku: Must show Roku Interface

-Android TV: Must show Android TV

Apple Watch: App Store

-Size: 368x448px or 312x390

-Number: 2-8 Images (png or jpg)

-Details: here

YES: shows app; uses full space

-Must show your app in use.

-Use full space for screenshot

-Provide edge-to-edge screenshots

-Do not frame in or show Apple Watch

NO: shows Apple Watch device

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