Web Platform vs Native Apps
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With your Uscreen account, you have the opportunity to utilize both our web platform and develop native apps. It is important to understand the difference so that you can take full advantage of your Uscreen account.

The Web Platform supports your video streaming website. Your website is only accessible via an internet browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari). All Uscreen sites are mobile friendly and can be accessed in a browser from computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Native Apps deliver video streaming directly to the end user's device via an app. They have to download the app directly to their phone, tablet, or TV and then they will be able to access your videos without using a browser.

Uscreen's top customers with apps have over 50% of watch time on native apps, and up to 30% of their income from native apps.

We currently offer native apps for:

  • iOS Mobile

  • Android Mobile

  • Roku

  • AppleTV

  • FireTV

  • AndroidTV

Research shows that customers prefer apps for accessing video content, and apps significantly increase average sales and engagement, which is why we recommend apps! To learn more about apps, and get started, visit the Mobile & TV Apps section.

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