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Create Google Developer Account

How to create and access the Google Developer Account (Google Play Console). It is required to host Android and AndroidTV apps.

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Creating and setting up developer accounts is very important in order to get started with the development of your apps.

We've created all these guides to help you understand the process and steps required to get this done. If you need assistance during the process, please contact us through: We're here to help!


⚠️ NOTE: Whether you are creating an Organizational or Individual Google account, do not use a GSuite/Google Workspace account. Due to issues with those permissions conflicting with the developer account, we recommend opening a new Google account solely for the process of creating this developer accoun

Create Google Developer Account

A Google Developer account is required to host Android and AndroidTV apps.

When creating your developer account, you will have the choice to create the account as an Individual or as an Organization. Individual accounts are only for businesses who are individual proprietors and are not eligible for for an Organizational account.

Follow the steps below to create your account:

Open the Google Play Console to get started.

  1. Login with a Google account (it needs to have Gmail or GSuite email), or create an account on Google if you don’t have one.

    NOTE: Pay attention to the email/account used to create your developer account. It will be the developer account owner login credentials. This login will have the proper access level to take all the steps required to set up your account and invite the Uscreen user to build and deploy your apps.

  2. After you log in, fill the form to create a new developer account:

    1. Public developer name: This will be shown on Google Play Store as the developer’s name in your apps store listing

    2. Secondary contact email address: Google might use it to contact you (won’t be shown to your users)

    3. Contact phone number: Add the country code (eg: +1) and phone number. Google might use it to contact you (won’t be shown to your users)

    4. Check the Developer Agreement and Terms of Service

    5. Click on Create Account and pay

    6. You’ll be forwarded to the payment gateway. You might need to add your credit card number (if you have not done that already).

    7. $25 will be charged to your credit card.

Screenshot: Form to create a new developer account

After the payment has been processed your account will be created and you’ll receive an email from Google with the details of this transaction (example below).

Screenshot: Google’s confirmation email, If you received this your account was successfully created.

Access your account

You will receive the email from Google in the same account you have used to create the developer account, you can click on the View Online button at the bottom of the email’s body and you’ll be forwarded to the Google Play Console.

This is the Home screen of Google Developer Console:

Google Play Console Home screen

If you’re able to open your Google Developer Console, you are ready to check the next steps to review your account details and invite the Uscreen user as a third-party developer.

Unable to access Google Play Console?

If you click on that link in the email and are routed to the Create developer form once again you’re probably opening your email while logged in to a different Google account, not the one used to create the developer account before.

In this case, check the email address in the To: field of Google’s confirmation email and make sure you’re logged in with that account to access the Google Play Console.

You can also check the steps below to access your Google Developer Account:

  • Open Google Play Console: (bookmark this link)

  • Login with the same Google account used to create your developer account.

  • If the login form does not appear to you, click on the ‘profile’ icon and switch/login to the proper account.

Screenshot: Switching the account to open your Google Developer account

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