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Google Developer Account: Essential Guide for Keeping Your Apps Live
Google Developer Account: Essential Guide for Keeping Your Apps Live

Keep your Google Dev Account active! Regularly check emails, update info in Play Console, and request app updates to avoid account closure.

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In an effort to maintain a secure and active developer ecosystem, Google has introduced new conditions for maintaining a Google Developer Account. These conditions affect all app developers, including those with apps on Android or AndroidTV platforms. Developers must understand these changes to avoid any disruptions in their app's availability on the Google Play Store.

The Importance of Account Activity

Google has implemented policies that could lead to the closure of developer accounts that show no sign of activity over a certain period. This measure is part of Google's ongoing efforts to enhance security and ensure active and responsive developers manage all apps on the Play Store.

Example of a banner displayed by Google on accounts with pending details to be verified:

Example of an email sent to accounts at risk of being closed
- Subject: [Action Needed] There is an issue with your developer account, (Account Name)

Key Points:

  • Account Closure Due to Inactivity: Google might close developer accounts if the account owners do not log in for an extended period, even if there are live apps in the account with ongoing downloads in the Play Store.

  • Responsibility of Account Maintenance: It is the sole responsibility of the clients to maintain their developer accounts. Regular checks and updates are crucial to keep the account in good standing.

Maintaining Your Google Developer Account

To avoid any potential issues with your Google Developer Account, follow these essential steps:

1. Regularly Check Your Email

Google communicates important information and warnings about your developer account through email. It's vital to:

  • Regularly check the email associated with your developer account for any messages from Google.

  • Pay special attention to any warnings or requests for action regarding your account's status.

2. Log In to Google Play Console

Ensure you regularly log in to the Google Play Console. Here's what to look for:

  • Update Account Details: After logging in, check for a banner on the Home page with instructions to update your account details, such as business address and phone number. Follow the provided steps to ensure your information is current.

  • Stay Informed: The Google Play Console is also a vital source for any policy updates or changes that may affect your apps.

3. Update Your Apps

Keeping your apps up-to-date with the latest Google requirements is essential for their continued availability on the Play Store.

  • Request an App Update: Log in to your Dashboard and request an app update. This will allow your company or your development team to update your app, ensuring it remains compliant with the latest Google requirements.


Staying proactive and regularly engaging with your Google Developer Account is essential for maintaining the availability of your apps on the Google Play Store. By following the steps outlined above, you can help ensure that your apps remain live, secure, and accessible to users worldwide. Remember, maintaining your developer account and ensuring your apps meet Google's latest requirements is your responsibility as the app owner. Keep your apps updated, stay active, and ensure your account details are current to avoid any unnecessary disruptions.

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