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Convert Apple Developer Account from Individual to Business
Convert Apple Developer Account from Individual to Business
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Apple allows you to have an individual or business developer account.

Uscreen strongly encourages you to have a business account. This allows the full capabilities of Uscreen to set up and maintain your Apple apps.

Business accounts are required to receive automatic update to your Apple apps when we release new updates. Business accounts offer better security for you, and for Uscreen, because business accounts are intended for access by multiple users.

An individual account is for those who do not yet have a formal business, or operate as sole proprietors. They do not require a DUNS number or tax information. They have limited developer capabilities. They are not intended for use with Uscreen, or multiple users. You must share actual account credentials. Individual developer accounts are more manual and more difficult for Uscreen to maintain. Individual accounts can not receive automatic updates. Today, Uscreen allows individual accounts, but we will stop supporting them in 2024. At that point, if you have an individual account, you must convert to receive further app updates

How to convert your individual account to Business

Follow these steps to convert your individual developer account to a business developer account:

  1. Ensure your business has a DUNS number and tax ID

  2. Provide necessary business information

  3. Verify your identity

  4. This process takes several days

  5. Grant Uscreen Access (If granted already, remove the access and add it back to your new account, after the change request is processed)

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