Steps to Set-up Apple Developer Account:

You will need:

-Apple ID Account with Two-factor Authentication

-Apple Device: iPhone/iPad/Mac (borrow one or buy a refurbished device)

Account Types: Individual & Organization

  • Apple requires you to enroll based on the type of business you own.

  • Use your Business Registration to help determine how to enroll.

  • Enrolling in the wrong Account Type will delay your apps.

    • If needed, you can convert from an Individual developer account to an Organization by contacting Apple with your business and tax information (more information found here)

>Sole Proprietorship, Single-Person Company: Enroll as INDIVIDUAL

>Corporation; Partnership; Limited Liability Company: Enroll as ORGANIZATION

1: Individual: One Person/One User

  • Your name will appear below the app name in the App Store.

  • You cannot share Developer Resources with other users.

  • You cannot add Members/Users. It's like sharing access to a personal account.

  • You'll share your Apple ID Account Login Credentials with Uscreen.

2: Organization: Multiple Users/Team Members

  • Your company/brand will appear below the app name in the App Store.

  • You can share Developer Resources (allows us to create, upload, publish apps)

  • You can add Team Members (ex. Uscreen) by inviting users to join the account.

  • Each member uses their own login and limited access to your information.

To enroll as an Organization you need:
-Website: Publicly available; domain name must be related to your company
-Legal Entity Status: To enter into contracts, company must be a legal entity
-Legal Entity Name: Company name must correspond with the Tax ID
-Legal Binding Authority: Person enrolling must have authority to sign agreements
-DUNS Number: Used to check legal entity status; it's easy to apply; details here

Section 1: Enroll in Apple Developer Program

1: Create Account (free): Apple Developer >click Account >Sign-In using Apple ID.

2: Enroll ($99/yr): Click Join Apple Developer Program >Enroll >Start Enrollment.

3: Select Entity Type:

-Individual: Accept Agreement, then Purchase Membership. Enrollment complete.

-Organization: Enter Company Information, then Submit application.

(May be prompted to sign agreement/purchase membership now or after approval.)

4: Wait for Approval: Apple verifies, then sends an email letting you know:

Enrollment is Approved; Additional Information is Needed; Issues Identified.

5: After Approved: Login to Apple Developer, then go to App Store Connect.


Section 2: Give Uscreen Access- Add New User

-App Store Connect >Users & Access >Add (+) >Enter Information >Invite.

Name: Uscreen Apps


Role: Admin (enables access to Resources)

Section 3: Set-Up Payment

***Required if offering an In-App Subscription***

1: Sign Paid Apps Agreement: Agreements, Tax & Banking

  • Below Action, click View Terms, then Add.

  • Check to accept, then Submit. Status changes to Pending User Information.

  • Complete the Action indicated:


2: Add Information: Click Set up Tax, Banking, & Contacts

Add Banking:

-Under Accounts, click Add Bank Account.

-Enter bank and account information, then click Add.

Add Tax:

Everyone is required to complete the US Tax Forms section. This is where you indicate if you are a U.S. Resident/Company or not.

-Under Tax Forms, click Complete US Tax Forms.

-Check YES (located in the U.S.) or NO (located outside the U.S.).

-Additional questions and forms needed are based on your response.

Add Contacts:

You'll add a user for each Role (Management, Financial, Legal, Technical, Marketing). You can add one contact (and use for all roles) or multiple contacts.

-Add New Contact: Click Role, enter name, title, email, phone, then Add.

-Choose Existing Contact: Click Role, select user, then Add.


3: When complete, Paid Apps will change to Active.

To proceed with app development, Free & Paid Apps must be green.


Additional Notes:
-Once Paid Apps Agreement is requested, you must complete the process.
-Tax Forms must be complete for Banking Information to be processed.
-For more information: App Store Connect Help

Video Walkthrough of Setting up an Apple Developer Account

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