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Google Play's New Testing Requirements for Individual accounts: A Guide for App Developers
Google Play's New Testing Requirements for Individual accounts: A Guide for App Developers

Google now requires additional steps for app reviews on individual accounts. Consider switching to a business account for easier submission.

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As of November 2023, Google introduced a significant update to its testing requirements for apps submitted through individual developer accounts on Google Play. This guide aims to navigate these new requirements and offer solutions, including transitioning to a business account, to ensure your app's submission is as seamless as possible.

Understanding Google's New Testing Requirements

Under the new guidelines, developers with individual accounts must now adhere to a more structured testing phase before their app can be submitted for review. Specifically, developers are required to add at least 20 testers who must actively install and use the app for a continuous period of 14 days. This initiative aims to enhance app quality and user experience on the platform.

For a detailed overview of these requirements, refer to Google's official guide: Testing requirements for individual accounts.

The Impact on Developers

While these requirements aim to improve app quality, they also introduce new challenges for developers, particularly for those operating with limited resources or tight timelines. The mandate to have 20 active testers over two weeks can be a logistical and coordination challenge, potentially delaying the submission process.

Transitioning to a Business Account: A Solution

For app development companies and developers working on multiple projects, transitioning from an individual to a business account on Google Play is a strategic move. Business accounts are not subject to the same stringent testing requirements, offering a more streamlined path to app submission and launch.

Benefits of a Business Account

- Exemption from the 20-tester requirement: Business accounts bypass the need for 20 testers to install and use the app for two weeks, simplifying the pre-submission process.

- Professional Representation: A business account reflects a higher level of professionalism and is preferred when working with clients and partners.

- Access to Advanced Features: Google Play offers additional tools and analytics to business accounts, aiding in better app management and marketing strategies.

How to Migrate to a Business Account

Migrating from an individual to a business account is a straightforward process, but it requires attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition. We've prepared a comprehensive article to guide you through this process: Migrating to a Google Play Business Account: A Step-by-Step Guide.

This guide covers everything from the initial setup to the final verification process, ensuring your transition to a business account is hassle-free.


Google's new testing requirements for individual developer accounts underscore the importance of quality and user experience in app development. While these changes introduce new challenges, they also offer an opportunity for developers to reassess their submission strategy. Transitioning to a business account can alleviate some of these challenges, providing a more streamlined path to app submission and access to additional resources.

For further details on Google's testing requirements and to explore more about the benefits of a business account, refer to the official Google Play Developer Help Center and consider the strategic move to a business account to enhance your app development and submission process.

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