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Mobile App Welcome Onboarding Slides
Mobile App Welcome Onboarding Slides
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These are used to promote the App and In-App Purchases. You can use the Standard Slides or you can provide Custom Slides for us to use instead.

Option 1: Standard Slides

You can arrange your content to showcase specific videos, but you can't change the text or use custom images.

  • 3 Slides: Home Page; Video Page; Downloads Page.

  • Images are generated using content (as it appears when the app is built).

  • Text can be translated into any of the available in-app languages.

  • Background changes with the app theme (Light; Dark)

Option 2: Custom Slides

You can customize the title, text, and image for each slide. If you want to use Custom Slides, you will need to provide the Text and Image for each slide.

Number of Slides: Minimum-2 slides; Maximum-5 slides

Slide Text:

  • Title: Up to 50 characters (including spaces)

  • Description: Up to 150 characters (including spaces)

  • Language: Provide text for one language only. It will not be translated in the app.

  • Information: Describe your content, benefits of the app, and why users should subscribe. Do not include 3rd-party platforms; prices/trial; links to websites, etc. Use the text on standard slides as a starting point.

Slide Image: 1125 x 1725 px (recommended; any size will work)

  • Background changes with the app theme (Light; Dark)

  • The same images are used for Android and iOS.

  • The image will appear "as is" and will not include the device frame.

  • Use screenshots from the app: Category Page, Video Page, Collection Page.

  • The image is cropped to fit (not resized) for each device.

  • Make sure you provide images that allow for cropping.

Example 1:

iPad: shows full image (1125x1725)

iPhone: shows cropped image (1125x740)

Example 2:

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