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Require Accounts in Mobile App Onboarding
Require Accounts in Mobile App Onboarding
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  • Option to require new members to create accounts

  • Prevent anonymous users

  • Requires significant account based features, being calendar and/or community

  • Available in version 3.14, released Sept 22, 2023

  • Contact Uscreen to enable or disable

Why required accounts?

Your apps now have the option to require new members to create accounts, during their initial mobile apps signup and onboarding.

This option will prevent unregistered or anonymous users. It will ensure your audience members create an account, with an email on record, for support and marketing.

When can the apps require accounts?

Apple has some strict guidelines for account creation. Apple wants end users to use an app, and pay for the app, without providing personal info, like an email or name… except in certain situations.

So the past, the Uscreen apps did not require accounts. This ensured apps met the Apple guidelines and got approved. This led to problems with anonymous accounts… or people who pay, but do not have an email. It is hard to support, or market to these anonymous users. Anonymous are a problem for many apps, not just Uscreen apps, given Apple's guidelines.

But!! Apple allows required account creation if an app has “significant account-based features” per 5.1.1(v).

Your apps may require accounts ✅ if your app has community and/or calendar enabled. Those are significant account based features, like posting comments, adding a social profile, and using personalized calendars and playlists.

Your apps may NOT require accounts 🛑 if your app is videos only. You are not be able to require accounts, because you do not have “significant account based features”. Apple would not approved your app. But, you should consider adding community and/or calendar to your apps since these are account and personalized features.

Required account creation is only available for apps with subscriptions. It is not available for sign-in-only apps 🛑 because sign-in-only apps are just that… sign-in-only, not sign up, and not account creation.

How to enable

  • Please tell your Uscreen Customer Success Manager, or App Launch Specialist, to enable required accounts.

  • You need version 3.14, which is available after Sept 22, 2023

  • Once you have this version, required accounts is an app configuration setting, controlled by your Uscreen App Launch Specialist

  • Uscreen can quickly enable, or disable for you, and does not require an app update

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