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Can I Add Autoplaying Videos to My Home Page?
Can I Add Autoplaying Videos to My Home Page?
Updated over a week ago

Although adding a video that will automatically play as soon as uses access your home page might sound like the perfect attention grabber, for various reasons we have refrained from making this a feature. When videos start autoplaying, some users might be annoyed. They will most likely look for the video to stop it or leave the page.

Since we want to help you retain users and prospect users, we have decided to leave not allow autoplay. Besides the chance of you losing users, an autoplay video will make your page loading time increase, making it slower to fully load for the users. Google will take this into consideration and bump you down on Google search. Ranking high on Google is very important to boost new visits to your site.

When it comes to browsers, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari do block autoplay videos unless the sound is muted. If audio starts playing without the users' permission, then the video will stop completely. We've spent a lot of time optimizing our themes to be as SEO friendly as possible and help you rank high on Google. If you do wish to add videos, please understand what different browsers will allow.

If you would like to still add an autoplay video to your site, we would encourage you to reach out to a developer for custom changes to your site. You'll be able to discuss ways to optimize loading time and how to add muted content.

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