If you implement a script to request consent or block third-party cookies, you may want to include the following cookies on your list of essential cookies, which are required to deliver your service:

user_utm_source, user_utm_medium, user_utm_term, user_utm_content and user_utm_campaign

Please refer to the UTM parameters as documented in this help guide.

user_referrer and referer

Both refer to the same item. It tracks the website where the customer comes from


If you use an affiliate integration tool (Rewardful or Refersion), it will tell which affiliate should be connected to the web session/sale.


Code of the country from the end-user, used for VAT purposes


The IP address of the end-user


Data about the device and web browser versions used by the end-user


Timestamp for the beginning of the cookies web session


Cookies web session is initialized.


This cookie is the token of the login session


The cookie stores a session identifier so that our infrastructure monitor can count the sessions for our web application. It is deleted when the browser closes.

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