Integrating Rewardful with your Uscreen account is a quick way to set up affiliates and referral programs with Stripe. Rewardful integration automatically handles adjustments of commissions for downgrades, upgrades, free trials, cancellations, and refunds. Each person that signs up for your program will have a personalized dashboard where they can create and manage their affiliate links and track their success.

Note: If you have PayPal set up in addition to Stripe, referrals made where the purchase is done via PayPal can not be linked back to Rewardful. This is a limitation of Rewardful as they only integrate with Stripe.

To set up your Rewardful integration, first, connect your Stripe Account in Rewardful and then create your campaign.

Then, on Code Integration copy the Rewardful API key.


Now, back in Uscreen, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Scroll down Rewardful and click on Connect. Paste in your API key from Rewardful. You'll then be connected and we just need to verify the connection back in Rewardful.

Back in Rewardful, click on Setup Complete and Confirm installation. It will open your site in a new tab, go ahead and close it and Refresh the Rewardful page. You should see a confirmation message.


You're all connected and can start inviting affiliates.

Note, that you'll only see profit sharing occur when a charge has been successfully made. Free trials will not show any successful referrals until they become paying customers.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. When is conversion data sent to Rewardful?

Uscreen captures the referral code you've created in Rewardful during checkout. This referral code is extracted from a url structure similar to this: This data is then set on the user object in Stripe. Data will be sent to Rewardful by Stripe. This data includes payment information, as well the User id in Uscreen.

2. Rewardful is not working. How can I troubleshoot this?

  • Ensure you've added your Rewardful API key to your Uscreen site

  • Try clearing your cache and retry confirming the installation. You might have an older version cached on your browser. Alternatively, try following the confirmation link in an incognito window.

  • Check the URL you entered in your Campaign Settings and ensure it's part of your Uscreen site.

  • Did you remove the footer tag in your theme files? Uscreen injects several of our integration scripts into the footer tag. If so, add {{ footer_uscreen }} back to your theme footer and retry confirming the installation in Rewardful.

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