Coupons Overview
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Coupon codes are a great way to provide discounts to potential customers for:

  • All Products (will apply a blanket discount to any purchase made on your storefront but only for one billing cycle in the event of subscriptions)

  • Subscriptions (Check Important Information at the end).

  • Bundles

  • Content (live events, videos, and collections)

Coupons you create have a discount amount that can be either fixed or percentage-based. You can also add Redemption limits that set a date on which the coupon expires, or a total number of times that the coupon can be redeemed.

When you navigate to the Coupons page, you can:

  • Create a coupon on the top-right of the page

  • Export your coupons' logic by clicking Export CSV

  • View the coupons' content type under the discount number/percentage as well as the respective duration

  • View the users who have redeemed them by clicking on the blue numbers under the Redeemed column

  • Search and filter your coupons

How to Filter Coupons

When on the main page, you can filter your coupons by:

  • Discount Types: Fixed Amount and Percentage

  • Product Types: All, Subscription, Bundles, and Content

  • Expiration: Active, Expired Date, and Expired Redemptions Limit

Important Information:

  • By default, a coupon code can only be redeemed once per user. Please consider this before running promotional ads encouraging users to apply the same coupon code to multiple transactions, as a given coupon code may only be redeemed once per user.

  • If you want to create a recurring discount (meaning, a discount that applies to more than one billing cycle), you must select the type of Subscription when setting up the coupon code and the correct duration for which you wish the discount to be applied correctly, as you cannot edit this once you've finished creating the coupon code.

  • Coupons are only valid for web-based subscriptions. In-app subscriptions are not affected by coupons as the billing system for those subscriptions is managed by the Marketplaces.

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