You may need a large number of personal coupon codes created for events or special promotions - our developers can help! If you are on a Pro or Custom level plan, we can create bulk coupon codes and provide an excel spreadsheet of those coupon codes for distribution.

If you are on a Pro or Custom level plan and would like coupon codes created in bulk, please send a message to our support team. Please be advised that it can take around 7 to 10 business days to fulfill these requests once we have all the information listed below.

Bulk coupon codes are generated using a prefix (ie. "HAPPY-" or "ABC-") and are then randomly generated using a unique alphanumeric string.

Include the following information in the request:

  • Prefix naming standard for coupons (Example: HAPPY- or ABC-)
  • Discount amount (fixed or percentage)
  • List the subscription, content, or bundle the coupon should apply to
  • For subscriptions - define the duration (how many billing cycles should it apply)
  • Expiration date for the coupon code (this date will be the date the coupon code can no longer be redeemed). The start date will be the date that we generate the codes. For this reason, we recommend not distributing the codes until you are ready to accept the discount.
  • Redemption limit - if these are personal codes, the redemption limit will be 1

*Redemption limit means number of times that coupon code can be redeemed in total. By default, an end-user may only use a specific code one time.

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