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Create a Buy One Get One Free promotion with Zapier
Create a Buy One Get One Free promotion with Zapier

"Buy one, get one free" or "two for the price of one" is a common form of sales promotion. You can set this up with our Zapier integration.

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Create a "Buy One Get One Free" promotion on your Uscreen store. Anytime a paid order is created in Uscreen, Zapier can look up the last unused coupon code from a list in Google Sheets. This coupon is sent to the purchaser by email. Then, the recipient can make a new purchase with a 100% discount.

Note: We recommend this for TVOD only and not for subscriptions. If you wish to use this for subscriptions, please be advised it may confuse your users/subscribers. It will require you to apply the coupon manually or manually adjust each user's subscription who wishes to redeem a coupon code on a subscription once they have already subscribed.


  • Zapier is a third-party automation tool. If you are not familiar with this, we recommend checking our existing help guides: "Zapier Overview" and "List of Zapier Triggers" - It will help you get started.

  • Multi-step automation in Zapier requires having a paid plan.

  • Create the coupon codes in the Admin Area. If you are on the Growth or Uscreen Plus plan, you can request a bulk of random coupon codes.

  • Create a spreadsheet in Google Docs with two columns: "Coupon" and "Used" - In the "Coupon" column, please list all of your coupons and fill the "Used" column with "No" values.

Create your Zapier Automation

1- Connect Uscreen to Zapier and select the "Paid Order" trigger.

2- Add a "Filter by Zapier" - Next, set it up to continue, only if the Total Price is greater than 0. We don't want to create an endless loop of free coupons. Adding this step helps us filter data to guarantee that only actual paid orders provide a new coupon - The automation stops here when triggered by a free order.

3- Connect Google Sheets and set up a "Lookup Spreadsheet Row" step. In the pre-requisites, you created the spreadsheet that will support the logic of your Zapier Automation.

In this step, your automation will look up the next available coupon in your spreadsheet - We used the "Used" column to identify unused codes.

4- Add an "Update Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets" step. We will use this step to let our data table know that we are using the code we found in our previous step. Two clients can't get the same coupon - The next time the automation runs, it will ignore this row on the preceding step and go to the next available coupon.

5- Set up the last step to send the coupon code to the client. This step is flexible - you can use the app of your choice, we have used Email by Zapier, but you can use MailChimp, Drip, or the application of your choice, as long as it supports integration with Zapier. You can use the variables from the previous steps to make a dynamic email.

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