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Sell Bundles via LeadPages with Stripe and Zapier
Sell Bundles via LeadPages with Stripe and Zapier
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You can use LeadPages to sell bundles and provide access to those bundles with Uscreen.

LeadPages integrates with your Stripe account. Through this integration we can pull new purchases from Stripe into Uscreen with Zapier.

To get started, you'll need to create the bundles you want to sell in Stripe. The reason for this, is that LeadPages integrates with Stripe to offer products created in Stripe. LeadPages is not a selling platform and does not have the ability to create products.


You'll find the ability to create products in Stripe under Orders > Products.

You must name your Products in Stripe the same as the Bundles in Uscreen. Otherwise, when we setup the Zapier integration it will fail because of title mismatches.

LeadPages does not support the ability to offer recurring charge products, only one-time purchases. So it's not possible to offer subscriptions through LeadPages even though you can create subscriptions right in Stripe.

Now in LeadPages, create a form with a checkout option and when you edit the Checkout, you'll see that once you've connected your Stripe account, the bundles you create in Stripe will appear here.


Under Fields you'll see you can add additional fields, but these are only for any email notifications you want to get from this purchase. They won't be passed into Stripe.

Publish your form and we're ready to add the integration.

Create a Zap with the following:


Trigger Event will be set as New Invoice. Finish off this step by grabbing some test date. I made a purchase for a product worth $1.00 in my Stripe account just so I would have data to play with.


Next, add Uscreen and Enroll Customer as an Action Event.


We're then going to add a Search Step. This will make it so Zapier looks up what was purchased and matches that to a Bundle in Uscreen. This is where it's super important to have your Products named the same in Stripe as the Bundles in Uscreen.


Under Customize Bundle/subscription it's looking for a Title, this is the title of the product sold via Stripe, use that Line Items Description variable and Continue. It should find a matching bundle in Uscreen and if it doesn't there is a title mismatch somewhere.

Now once you finish that step it will bring you back to the Uscreen Enroll Customer step. You'll see that it''s now pulling an ID, perfect! It will search for what was purchased and grant access once we finish this step.

Your Customize Customer should look like this:


Note for the password, I added a random variable on the end to make it so if a customer is created and a password is sent, it's not the same password every time. A password email will only be sent if the customer does not already exist in Uscreen.

You should end up with the following steps:


Finally, once you've completed the test you can head into Uscreen and under People find the newly created user and check out their bundle access:


You should see the bundle included in their Access > Bundles tab.

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