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How to use the Landing Page Builder for your marketing purposes

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When to use the Landing Page Builder?

That's a great question!

Landing pages are standalone web pages designed with a single focused objective, such as making a sale, or promoting a particular video/collection. They are typically linked from online advertisements, email & social media campaigns.

For this reason, the landing page builder does not work with dynamic content and does not pull in other content from Uscreen (ie. authors, categories, catalog, etc..) and it is not meant to replace other functionality on Uscreen. If you want to add tracking scripts, you will need to add those via the HTML box option (see below). Facebook Pixel will automatically work for these pages without any extra steps.

How to use the Landing Page Builder

Step 1. Navigate to your Marketing tab and select Landing pages.

You'll see an option to Create A Page.

Click the Create A Page button to be taken to the view where we offer a variety of pre-made page templates for you to select as your page base.

Simply hover over the page template and click on Choose Template.

The page builder will open the template you've selected.

Step 2. Edit any block on the page template by hovering over the block and clicking the Edit section.

You'll notice a dashed blue border around the section when hover over it, indicating which section the Edit option belongs to.

Different blocks will provide customizable options based on the content in the block, such as font, background color, title, subtitle, etc..

Your changes will save automatically as you work on customizing your page. You'll see the green 'All changes saved' confirmation in the upper right-hand corner of your window.

With the page builder, you can easily delete a block by clicking on the trash icon. Move blocks up or down using the up and down arrows. If you'd like to add new blocks, simply hover over a block then click on one of the blue circle plus icons before or after a block.

This will open a panel on the left-hand side of your screen where you can select from a variety of block options.

The block options include an HTML box wherein you can add additional HTML, CSS, or javascript customization if you know these languages or have a developer on staff to assist. This is also the perfect place to add your mailing list subscription form!

Step 3. You can toggle between a desktop view and mobile view for your customizations at the top center of your window.

Tablets are covered by the desktop option, as the backend code will take into account screen sizes that are around 13 inches. If you'd like additional options for tablets, please submit a feature request.

Step. 4 Click on Settings in the upper right hand corner to change your template name, the page url, and add a the SEO description.

Step 5. If you'd like to add your new page to navigation, click on the Copy link then go back to Website. Select Navigation. When you edit your existing menu, select Custom Url and paste in the copied link.

Note: There are no automatic or manual back-ups for these builder pages. If you want to change your page after you create it, please make sure to duplicate your existing page and make all edits to the duplicate copy to ensure you retain your original page until you no longer wish to keep it.

This is also where you can delete a page if you are absolutely sure you no longer want it.

Currently, we are not able to remove the Powered by Uscreen branding on the landing pages.

Finally, we recommend that you limit your blocks, or sections, to 10 per page. Anything more will likely result in your site visitors not seeing anything below that threshold. If you want to experiment with 10 or more blocks/sections, we highly encourage you to set up HotJar on your site so you can see how far your visitors are actually scrolling down your page before leaving it.

We're excited to see what you build with the landing pages and welcome your feedback!

If you need help or stumble across a bug, please do let our support team know by reaching out to them via your Intercom chat (blue icon) in the bottom right-hand corner of your admin area. If you don't see this icon, please refresh your browser and it should appear. Let support know what template you are using and what block you're having difficulty with. Screenshots and/or video recordings will be the best way for us to provide expedient guidance!


Here are some examples of what you can do with the landing page builder.

Gift card examples -

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