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How to Sell Audio Recordings

Sell .mp3s or other audio recordings

Updated over a week ago

Depending on your business, you may want to also sell Audio Content on your Uscreen page. For example, if you want to add just a short session of meditation without any footage, you can sell the audio as part of a playlist.

Currently, there are two options to accomplish this:

  1. Add Audio files as Extras

    First, add the audio as an Extra by following the step-by-step help guide. Then, add a short video to your catalog and add the audio file as an Extra to that video. What this will do is create a Resources tab below your video player so your users can download the file when they click on the video.

    To download the audio file, users will have to purchase the video.
    After purchasing it, they will navigate to the Resources tab, below the player, and click on Download.

2. Add the audio as "background" sound to a placeholder image

When you have your audio file ready, within your video editor, add the file and a placeholder image to have a background for the audio. That way, the video will with just the placeholder image. The users will be purchasing the video, which is in fact, the audio version of your content.

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