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Inform your users about your video content via descriptions. Short descriptions vs. full descriptions

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Whenever you add all of your content, you might wonder why you need to include a short and a full description. Descriptions explain to your viewers what they'll find within your videos—this is crucial to increase the conversion rate! However, avoid copy-pasting the same info to your full and short description. Since the two types appear in different locations, it is important to plan what you will write in each. These descriptions will apply to your site, apps, live events, and TV apps.

Go to Content and click the video you wish to edit

Note : Collections can have their own Full and Short descriptions separate to a playlist/solo videos

Short Description

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix or Hulu to find a show you're interested in watching? Imagine you find one that seems good enough, yet you don't know what it is about. So you'll click on the page to have a snippet about the show. Those two or three lines will either convince you to watch it or not. Users go through the same process whenever they find your site. That's why it's crucial to have good info.

The short description is only displayed in three places: collections playlist, the featured category slider on your catalog, and the second step of the checkout process. This applies to your site and TV apps. If your videos and live events belong to a collection, then you will have a collection playlist. Whenever a user clicks on the playlist, each video will have a short description below. If a selected category has videos, live events, and collections, then the short description will be displayed when you select that category as a featured category slider.

The short description should highlight the best characteristics of your content to convince the user to pay for it. Adding keywords to improve SEO is also a great example of what could be in a short description— although, you should remember that you only have 140 characters to write something that will captivate your viewers.

If the short description is displayed on the Featured Category slider, then the users will find it above the Watch Here button.

However, if users select a collection playlist to watch, they will find it below each video within the playlist when watching content within the website

Website View:

Collection below player view

Collection side bar view

If you have added a short description to encourage users to purchase a video or collection, then when a user is on the second step at checkout, the description will also be displayed.

Full Descriptions

Now, full descriptions appear on your video page and on your collection playlist page. If you click on a video or a collection and scroll down, you will find an About section—that's the full description. There's so much that you could add to this section!

Imagine you are teaching how to cook a recipe. You could add a link to your blog, leave some written tips so people won't have to watch it again, add the recipe, write a summary of what will be talked about, or even add some fun facts. Remember to add either http:// or https:// whenever you add a link in the description.

This description doesn't have a limit on how much you can write, so you are free to communicate to your audience and add as much info as you would like!

On your website, users just have to click on the video or the collection page to have access to the description.

Video Page View:

Collection Playlist Page View:

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