How the CDN Caching Layer Works

A new CDN layer was introduced to deliver content faster utilizing caching

Updated over a week ago

We have introduced a new CDN layer that delivers content to your web browser 10-15 times faster—with global coverage and additional servers in Asia, Australia, and South America.

Our CDN caching layer is a system that stores portions of your Uscreen site in high-performance storage in different servers around the world to reduce pressure and bottlenecks in the central servers, which results in better loading time and faster delivery to remote locations.

When you update your website, we drop the cache, but the CDN layer still needs some time (from seconds to a few minutes) to purge the cached content everywhere. Although it might take a bit longer to update, the changes will load, and people will navigate through your site much faster than before.

The CDN cache may delay updates on:

  • Catalog page

  • Categories

  • Collection Playlists

  • Extra Resources

  • Custom User Fields

  • Category Filters

If you want to force the cache drop, changing the name of the Video or Collection can help in most instances, such as updating the Collection Playlist or refreshing the list of Extra Resources.

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