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Subscription Plan Missed Payments
Subscription Plan Missed Payments

Learn why some payments fail or are declined

Updated over a week ago

If a payment didn't go through, it means that either the user removed the payment details or there was a payment error.

If users removed their payment details from their account and try to make a purchase, then the payment will fail. For subscription plans, they won't be renewed on the next billing period without the payment details. If it's not renewed, then they will lose access to content.

When our system cannot find any payment details to charge users, then they get the On Hold status under the People tab and the Unpaid status on the Sales tab. Whenever users try to access content, they will have to insert their payment details because their screen will display as on hold, and that is requested.

However, if the user didn't remove the payment details, but the payment didn't go through then a payment error has occurred. If that's the case, the user will also get the On Hold display. They will not be able to continue to view content until payment is successfully obtained. However, the system will re-attempt to charge the user for some time. To understand better when users are recharged and what invoices statuses are given, read our help guide.

If a user is having issues making a payment, please read our guide explaining what to do with common payment errors. Please refer to the "Common Payment Errors" article as well if your user is trying to make a one-time purchase but is being unsuccessful. That article will be useful in helping you resolve those situations.

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