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Sales by Location Report
Sales by Location Report

Know where to find the sales by location information in the Invoices report

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If you would like to view the sales of all locations, you can export the Invoices report, which gives you access to your users' location information. Those details were added to the Invoices report so you can have an overview of all information related to every sale.

How to Generate the Sales by Location Report

To export the file, navigate to the Sales tab, go to Invoices, then click on Export CSV. To download it, go to the Settings tab, click on Exported Files, then on the file you exported, click Download.

Sometimes it might take a couple of minutes for the exported file to appear under Exported Files because it is collecting data from all users.

Once the CSV file has been downloaded, you will see that the table provided has information on the Card Issuer Country, Zip, Country, Region, and City. The data will help you know exactly where the user is buying your content.

The Uscreen platform gathers your customers’ location information based on two factors:

  • Their ZIP code from a completed credit card purchase (US-based customers)

  • Their physical location at the time they sign up for an account on your site (international customers)

While we do our best to provide your customer’s location information, there are a number of reasons why we may not be able to collect that information, including but not limited to the use of:

  • Web browser extensions that block tracking

  • An anonymous web browser

  • A VPN connection to change their location

If a customer has anything blocking their tracking at the time they set up their account, they may not have a location recorded on the report.

NOTE: From now on, you won't need to contact our support team to get the Sales by Location report as you can now download this yourself directly from your Admin Area!

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