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Download Payout Audit Reports from Roku Developer Dashboard
Download Payout Audit Reports from Roku Developer Dashboard

Export financial data from your in-app purchase sales made in your Roku TV app

Updated over a week ago

The Payout Audit report displays information, including monthly transaction amounts.

1. Click Payout Reporting on the Developer Dashboard page, which opens the report on a new browser tab.

2. Change the Filters, and click Run to produce a report. We recommend using a monthly report approach.

  • Currency – Restricts the display to reflect only transactions that are denominated in the specified currencies. Leave blank to view all or select to view transactions for a specific currency (ex. US Dollars).

  • Payout Month – Determines the interval for which earnings are reported. In the screenshot below, the user has specified that the report must include all transactions with a date that contains "2021-05" (in other words, transactions for May 2021).

3. To download the report, click the "gear" (⚙) button in the upper-right portion of the generated report and select Download as CSVs.

4. When the download dialog appears, the File Format field provides several output options, some of which include Excel worksheet (Excel 2007 or later) and CSV. You can work with any of those two formats, but we recommend CSV.

Additionally, we recommend selecting:

  • Results: As displayed in the data table

  • Values: Formatted

  • Limit: All Results

Note: Make sure that All Results is the selection in the Limit field, as shown above, or the full range of data may not be exported.

If desired, change the default Filename to something else, and finally, click Download.

It will download the file in the format you chose. Preferably, CSV.

If you don't know how to work with CSV data, please find more information: Work with Uscreen Data in CSV Format.

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