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Minimum Requirements to Develop a Custom Checkout Workflow
Minimum Requirements to Develop a Custom Checkout Workflow

Work with your web developer to create a custom checkout workflow

Updated over a week ago

At Uscreen, you can access the Code Snippets to customize the checkout session and redirect users to your custom payment page.

We also have a Publisher API available for our customers on the Uscreen Plus plan. The functionality available via the API is required to manage your customers with an outside, custom external software or payment processor. If you are interested in upgrading to receive access to the Publisher API, please reach out to our Sales Team for further assistance and pricing

The following diagram provides a high-level representation of how you can integrate your custom payment solution with Uscreen.

You should program your integration to listen or receive information from the outside payment provider and send POST or DELETE requests to Uscreen via the Publisher API to grant or revoke access to the content.

Using a custom payment provider integration will impact features that rely on our native integration to receive user behavior and payment data.

Suppose you are eligible for a Stripe account but require a custom checkout workflow in exceptional situations. In that case, you can create a custom payment provider integration with Stripe Checkout and Zapier - which requires minimal coding.

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