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Uscreen API

Using the Uscreen API to access content and user data.

Updated over a week ago

Our API is available to Uscreen Plus customers but if you're not on the Plus plan you can still reach out to our team to ask about access.

Your CSM can provide you with your authorization key to use in the API.

Along with the API we provide a few other ways to get data out of Uscreen such as Webhooks or Zapier.

Looking for SSO? Unfortunately Uscreen doesn't have native SSO support today, but if you have a web engineer who can build an auth service that routes users to Uscreen using our Publisher API they'll find good use of the the tokenized_url endpoint to create a new session in Uscreen once they are authenticated. Pass us a user's email or ID and we'll return a one-time use magic link that when clicked will sign the user into Uscreen and send them to your catalog page. You can use this to generate a button outside Uscreen that signs someone into Uscreen. So for example, if have a platform where your users are already logging in to, you can code a button inside the platform that generates the unique SSO link when clicked and log users into Uscreen without them needing to use a password. But please understand that SSO only works for the in a web browser, and will not work for the native mobile or native TV apps.

Rate limits

We have rate limits of 100 calls/minute and 10 calls/5 minutes for the sessions end point. If you need more, let us know what you're trying to accomplish and we'll work with you to see if what you're trying to do can be done another way.

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