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You can automatically sync your customer's from Uscreen into a Mailchimp audience. Mailchimp will then allow you to send beautiful email campaigns to your customers and track detailed delivery and open statistics. If you want to go the other way: Mailchimp subscribers into Uscreen users then check out our Zapier integration.

Before you begin, please ensure the audience you wish to sync to does not have any required fields, other than email.

In Mailchimp, once logged in, click your Profile in the bottom left, click on Account, then select Extras > API Keys. Click Create a Key and then you'll want to copy the API Key that's created.

Now let's add the API Key into Uscreen.


Navigate to Settings > Integrations and click Connect on the Mailchimp integration. Paste in your API key and then you'll be directed to select the List ID(Audience) you want to sync to. Once done, new customers will sync to your Mailchimp Audience.

Note: Uscreen's Integration with Mailchimp now supports Mailchimp's 3.0 API.

New customers will show up in Mailchimp as contacts with the following data points associated:
First Name

Last Name

Date Added


Subscription status (in_trial, never, active, pending_cancellation, canceled, former, on_hold)

Mailchimp all automatically apply a source as well, which will be "API - Generic".

Please Note: If a customer opts out of News & Update email notifications from their customer dashboard, they will be unsubscribed from your MailChimp audience. The reverse is true, unsubscribing from a Mailchimp email will unsubscribe the user in Uscreen.

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