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Segment Mailchimp Audiences by Paid and Unpaid Customers with Zapier
Segment Mailchimp Audiences by Paid and Unpaid Customers with Zapier
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If you'd like to distinguish between customers who have made a purchase on your store and ones in a trial or just signed up you can segment those customers into different audiences in Mailchimp using two Zaps.

First, create a zap with the Uscreen New Customer trigger event. Set the Mailchimp action event to add all customers to an Unpaid Customer audience.

Now, we'll use a second zap with the Uscreen Paid Order trigger event. You'll want to set the action event for Mailchimp as Add/Update Subscriber. Change the audience for this customer to your Paid Customer audience.

Voila! Customers who haven't made a purchase will hang out in your Unpaid Customer audience while customers who make a purchase will be moved to the Paid Customer audience.

It's important to know that from signup to completion of a purchase, customers may briefly be in the unpaid customer audience so it's a good idea to add a delay to any Mailchimp emails you're sending out to ensure they don't get an email the second they signup and then another right when they finish an order.

Finally, you may want to remove people from your Paid Customer audience if they cancel their subscriptions. You can use the Canceled Subscription trigger event to update the audience for that customer if they cancel. It might be a good idea to create another audience for cancelled subscribers as the emails you send to them will want to focus on winning them back.

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