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Market via GetResponse with Zapier
Market via GetResponse with Zapier
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GetResponse is a fantastic email marketing tool that you can use to segment your Uscreen audience with and send personalized email campaigns to.

Signup here for a 30 day free trial so you can test out the integration.

Now, one of the most common ways you'll want to integrate with GetResponse is to add contacts whenever a customer is created in Uscreen.

You can do this with the New Customer and Create Contact triggers.


Another important Zap to setup would be the Paid Order zap. This will allow you to segment and remarket to users based on an order.


There are some important steps you'll want to add in this Zap so your segments work correctly. You'll see above that I've added a Filter step. This will make it so you can add particular purchases to a certain segment. For example, if I want all 30 day subscribers to end up in one list, while yearly subscribers end up in another, the filter will be able to do that.

Another good example of a Zap is removing cancelled subscribers from a certain list:


You can do this step to remove them from your marketing emails, or if you want to take things to the next level, use this trigger to update a contact and add them to a "Churned" list so that you can try to win them back later.

There's a ton of things you can do with GetResponse and Uscreen so have a look at the available triggers and explore!

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